What is ACT? Education USA

What is ACT?

What is ACT?

ACT (American College Testing) is a standardized test in the United States that students take after graduation to assess their knowledge and to enroll to higher education institutions. ACT is conducted by a nonprofit organization ACT, Inc.

Who founded the testing?

This test was first introduced back in 1959 as an alternative to another test – the College Board’s Scholastic Aptitude Test, better known today under the acronym SAT.

At first, ACT consisted of four test items: English, mathematics, social sciences and natural sciences. In 1989 the social sciences were replaced by the Reading section, which included the subsection “Social Sciences”, and the natural sciences were renamed as the Science Reasoning Test, containing tasks aimed at solving problems and developing logic.

Starting the spring of 2015, ACT can be conducted as a computer test. However, some schools are not ready to switch to a fully computer-based testing format. So it is still possible for them to take the test in standard paper based format.

How to register?

The fastest way is to register online. It allows you to find the testing center nearest to your location and to check if there are seats available to register for the test. To register, you need to create an account on the test’s site and select the nearest testing center.

By registering, you will receive a personal admission ticket, which can be printed immediately from the online page.

If you are under 13 years old, or you cannot pay for testing with a credit card, you can register using the email address.

What is the cost of the test?

Testing fee is $150.00 excluding the cost of the writing part of the Testing.
If the student wants to take the test with the ACT Plus Writing, then the payment is $166.50. However, a difference of $16.50 for the written part may be returned to you if you change your mind about ACT Plus Writing at the last moment.

The results of your testing can be sent to a maximum of 4 higher education institutions where you want to submit documents for admission.

What is the structure of the test?

The ACT test can be of two types, depending on whether there’s writing or not. The No Writing ACT test consists of four parts, each of which contains multiple-choice tests. The ACT Plus Writing test has the same exam structure, however there’s also a fifth part, writing.

When taking ACT, it is important to remember that your score is based on the number of correct answers. However, the score is not reduced for the wrong answer or guessing. That is why it is important to answer all the questions of the test.

What is the total test time?

The approximate test time is 3 to 4 hours.

How are the results determined?

The test rating scale is from 1 to 36 points and it is the arithmetic mean of all four parts of the test. The results are out 2 weeks after the test, but the process can take up to a maximum of 8 weeks.

What do I need to bring with me on the day of testing?

  1. International passport.
  2. Admission ticket, which you receive when registering for the test and can print immediately from the web page.

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