What is LSAT? Education USA

What is LSAT?

What is LSAT?

LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. This exam is one of the prerequisites for admission to legal specialties in the United States. The test provides standard assessments of the student, his writing, reading and understanding skills of complex texts, the ability to argue and other abilities necessary for successful studies at the Faculty of Law.


The test consists of 5 parts, each of which contains multiple choice questions. Each part lasts 35 minutes. The first four parts are scored and at the end make up the final result. The fifth part of the exam is not graded. In this part, the student must complete a written assignment, which takes 35 minutes. Student’s written work is automatically sent to all universities where the student is trying to enroll.


When taking the LSAT, a student can score from 120 to 180 points.

Registration and payment

You can register on the official testing site. Keep in mind that the deadline for registration is May 1 every year.

The test fee is $190, excluding taxes and commissions. You can pay LSAT online with a credit card.

When registering for the test, you will receive an LSAT Admission Ticket, that is, your confirmation of registration and payment for the test. On the day of testing, you should have a copy of this confirmation printed on a regular sheet of paper in order to be eligible for testing. Also, you need to have an identification document with you.

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