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Why study architecture?

Why study architecture?

Firstly, most of us live in cities and this figure is constantly increasing. Just imagine – almost everything that surrounds us every day – apartments, houses, streets, parks, stops, boulevards, embankments, metro and in general everything that was once built – has an architectural design under it. We live in architecture, walk in architecture, observe architecture, the cities in which we grow and live, shape our worldview and personality. Therefore, an understanding of architectural processes, urban planning, three-dimensional space, scale and many other things give us tools for understanding and positive changes in the environment in which we live and in which the next generations will live.

One famous architect said, “Architecture is politics”; everything that happens in society is manifested in the form of changes in the space and urban development. Studying these changes, we study ourselves as a society. We can better understand the processes in this society and develop tools for change for the better.

Secondly, the study of architecture develops design thinking. Now a lot of people talk about it and write various books, write about how important it is and how to develop it. So: architectural education, this is it almost in its pure form. Architecture is a very broad discipline at the intersection of the artistic, technical and managerial spheres. The number of skills that must be mastered is very large, from painting to the resistance of materials and construction management. All these things together give much more than just their sum – they give an understanding of the general design processes that are common to create something. It is not surprising that so many people with architectural education become successful in so many different fields, they become scientists, designers, graphic artists, artists, administrators, engineers, sociologists, politicians, and this list can be continued for a very long time. And most of these people later tell that the foundation of their success was training at the Faculty of Architecture. Architectural education does not limit you to one development path; on the contrary, it opens up enormous opportunities.

But be prepared for the difficulties. Architectural education in any country is a big challenge. Be prepared to work to the limit of your abilities, day and night. Get ready for endless hours spent on the project, nights spent in the workshop, lack of social life and other aspects of the “fun” of architectural studios. Be prepared for impossible tasks that nevertheless need to be addressed. Such a school tempers and increases opportunities, teaches you to overcome obstacles and invest in your work completely. Everyone who voluntarily went through this became somewhat stronger and ceased to be afraid of many difficulties in the profession and in life. Therefore, do not be afraid – this is all entirely possible, and the result is more than worthy of effort.

Architectural education in the United States is more oriented towards industry, including fewer art disciplines, more modern architectural theory, more flexibility in choosing projects. But the principles, spirit and level of workload remain the same as in any other country. Architects of different countries, urban planning actually speak the same language, and understand each other through common experience, like mathematicians or musicians. So again – do not be afraid, go to the Faculty of Architecture and this will be one of the biggest adventures in your life! Rest assured!