Составление Резюме или CV для вступления в США. EducationUSA

Drawing up resume for admission to the USA

Drawing up resume for admission to the USA

How do you show an American college or university the depth and diversity of your experience? A CV or CV is an ideal document for quickly presenting Your identity to the admissions committee. A good resume can help you get an invitation to study, but there are quite a few classic mistakes that can become a hindrance to success.

American colleges and universities often ask applicants to add a resume or CV in the application package. What is the difference between these documents?

A resume is a short description of your academic and professional history. It cannot be more than one page. If you have a lot of previous experience, then the task is to choose the one that is most appropriate for the university.

CV, on the other hand, has no volume limitations. This is usually a chronological description of your previous education and professional experience. It may have additional sections, for example, information on leadership and volunteer activities, membership in professional associations, speeches at conferences, your presentations and publications, and the like.

The approach to writing resumes and CVs in the United States is different from an excellent one. Firstly, you should not indicate information by which you can be discriminated against. For example, date of birth, marital status or number of children. In the USA, it is also not customary to include your own photo in the CV and CV. Information should be structured. Most often, CVs and CVs provide information in a chronological order, that is, begins with the most recent experience. Also, there are summaries organized in thematic order.

Secondly, in the resume and CV it is important to correctly formulate the information. The selection committee is interested in your achievements, so do not just describe the job responsibilities. Determine the results of your work, if possible, indicate their quantitative indicators. Use active verbs to focus the reader’s attention. Such information will help American colleges and universities to better understand your experience.

In conclusion, it is very important that your CV or CV is easy to read, and ask a friend, colleague, or EducationUSA advisor to check the text. A fresh look will help determine how to improve the document.