Учиться в американских колледжах и университетах бесплатно

U.S. Higher Education Funding

U.S. Higher Education Funding

Many people think that higher education in the USA is very expensive, but every year students go to study at American colleges and universities for free. I wonder how they did it.

In fact, American educational institutions offer various scholarships specifically for international students. The amount of such financial assistance can range from $500 to one that will cover all expenses associated with obtaining an education in the United States.

If you previously develop a plan and research all available information about possible sources of funding, higher education in the United States will become available!

The main sources of financing education for international students are:

  • US universities and colleges
  • US government
  • non-governmental organizations, foundations, professional and scientific associations, both American and international
  • business representatives, employers
  • private sponsors
  • own and family funds

How to get the desired funding?

The main thing is to start your financial planning as early as possible, at 12-18 months before the start of training. Then you will have time to significantly reduce costs by contacting various sources of funding that are available to international students.

The main source of financial assistance is funds from a college or university. Among other sources, private scholarships, that is, funds provided by various foundations and organizations, can be distinguished. Unfortunately, US federal funds are not available to international students.

Communication with the university is very important and allows you to tell more about yourself, which increases your chances of both admission and financial assistance. When contacting US colleges or universities, do not hesitate to ask questions about financial assistance.

Providing financial assistance to foreign students, American colleges and universities are looking for strong and dissimilar students from around the world, so scholarships and grants are based not only on the student’s academic achievements, but also on talents and abilities in various fields: playing musical instruments, public speaking, leadership, social activities, art, sports, knowledge of foreign languages and the like.

Therefore, look for what distinguishes you among others! Evaluate your abilities well and try to convey this to the admissions committee in the best way. It is thanks to achievements outside the institution that you can get at least a partial scholarship or other study grant.

The most common type of financial assistance for applicants for undergraduate programs based on the qualities of a candidate is a scholarship for achievement. This type of financing covers part or all of the cost of training and is provided to students with high academic performance and extracurricular achievements.

Scholarships provided on the basis of the lack of own funds from the applicant’s family are also common. At the same time, your academic achievements will also be taken into account.

For applicants with significant sporting achievements there is an opportunity to receive a sports scholarship. And if you are serious in sports, take the chance to join a college or university sports team in the USA and get a scholarship to cover training costs.

You can save a lot by starting your education at a two-year college, because the cost of training there is much lower. Then you can transfer to the 3rd year of a four-year college or university for a bachelor’s degree.

In addition to financial assistance, foreign students have the opportunity to work during and after training. During the academic year, you can work on the territory of the university up to half the working day, but this will only partially cover the costs, since the annual amount of earnings, as a rule, is several thousand dollars a year. And after receiving a diploma from an American college or university, you can work in the United States from one to three years using your student visa.

Master’s programs offer a lot of financial support, and PhD programs are the most generous. All of them will offer scholarships for achievements, as well as work at the university as an assistant. Assistants can teach, conduct research, or hold an administrative position. A significant number of foreign students receive full or partial financial support in this form.

Therefore, do not hesitate and start drawing up your plan for financing education in the USA. In case of additional questions, EducationUSA advisers in Kazakhstan will be happy to help find answers to them.