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Master of Laws in the USA: Less Exams – More Opportunities

Master of Laws in the USA: Less Exams – More Opportunities

If you are a 3-4 year student in the specialty “Law”, then you have a unique opportunity to continue your education abroad in high quality, having obtained a master’s degree in law (LL.M.) in the USA. This degree of higher education will significantly increase your value in the legal market of Kazakhstan. The biggest advantage of obtaining a master’s degree in law in the United States is not only theoretical, but also practical, since an American visa provides an opportunity to go through another year of paid practice at law firms in the United States.

Financing opportunities

Do not think that a master’s degree in law in the USA is only for wealthy students. Various grants, scholarships, programs and organizations that provide financial assistance to talented students can cover part of the cost of training, or fully provide funds. What expenses are we talking about? The cost of training includes not only payment under the contract for the courses, but also accommodation, medical insurance, the cost of expensive textbooks and even monthly personal expenses. It is worth remembering that even at the stage of submitting documents to the university, you are a valuable “client”, therefore a friendly admissions committee will be on your side, and you can always ask for additional information or a “fee waiver” for submitting documents.

To begin with, it is worth deciding on a list of universities where you plan to submit documents. When choosing, consider your own financial capabilities and features of the training program. There are general master’s programs, as well as specializing in a specific direction, for example, international law, agricultural law and so on. We advise you to write an e-mail to the selection committee of selected universities in advance in order to let you know about yourself. A letter of your interest in the program will be a good start to build relationships with the admissions committee, will be happy to answer all questions on admission and provide comprehensive instructions.

Further, the procedure is simple, although at the same time very long, if you are “new to” this business. When preparing to apply for LL.M., you must remember three important selection criteria for future students: TOELF/IELTS test results, resume, motivation letter. English tests should be prepared well in advance, but don’t worry if you don’t have the opportunity to take a tutor or take courses to prepare for TOELF/IELTS. Many materials are available online, as well as at EducationUSA in your city.

Your resume should include all relevant places of study, work, practice, courses, grants, publications, volunteer activity – in short, everything your family and friends are proud of. It is important to make the admissions committee understand who you are and what you are doing, so do not be shy to praise yourself, but do not think up too much.

The criteria for evaluating the motivation letter at each university are different, so you should be careful here. Usually, on the website of each university there are detailed instructions describing all the criteria for evaluating future students, so have patience and inspiration – and go on to writing the perfect motivational letter.

When you receive the cherished answers from American universities, the most interesting part begins, which should be prepared in advance. You compile a list of all grants, organizations, scholarships that you can apply for financial assistance in case the university does not cover all expenses. However, even if you receive an invitation to study without an offer to cover expenses, you can show leadership qualities and politely ask for a scholarship, having justified it well in communication with the selection committee. Believe me, your desire to learn and initiative will always be appreciated!

A Master of Laws degree in the United States is a general program for international students who have obtained a bachelor of law degree in their home countries. American students get J.D. (Juris Doctor), which lasts 3 years, since there is no rightful bachelor in the United States. As a graduate student, you will study with students from different years of study at J.D. – This makes it possible to integrate into American life and the competitive atmosphere in US law schools. After a year LL.M. there is an opportunity to stay for a year on legal practice in the USA if you find yourself a job. Practical work experience in the USA will become a significant competitive advantage in the future career.